Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Interior Design 2010
Last year was definitely a year when most people took careful stock of where they were, what they were doing and how much they were spending. This year feels like people will spend a bit more, but carefully.
Below are some not so bad ideas to kickstart any decorating plans.
1. De clutter.This could mean ebaying items you don't need, giving away furniture or household items to charity, shredding 20 year old bank statements- or even asking the family not to take over the whole house with their stuff!

2.Look at what's left and have a plan. A new decade is always seen as a greater kick to new beginnings. Take one room at a time and decide what needs to be done to provide better homelife. Have the kids outgrown their rooms, embarrassed by kiddy wallpaper from maybe even only 2 years ago- but doesn't suit their lives now?

3. Make do and mend. Re upholster sofa or chair, recover dining chairs, make a padded headboard, paint a piece of furniture. It's amazing how much positive effect any of the above will have on transforming a space.

Well you have 3 ideas for now. More to follow!

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