Ally Interiors is currently working with high end retailer Posh Bathing of Bolton to bring you an exclusive range of German, Spanish  and Italian products.

DesignerWalls is a fabulous selection of faux brick, stone veneer wall panels that are perfect for cladding a room or commercial space, or used as a feature wall panel.

Burgbad is a German company specialising in high quality mineral cast basins as well as carrying an extensive range of bathroom furniture. Have you ever wanted to run your hand round the rim of a basin in Wickes? No me neither, but these are so tactile you just want to stroke them.

 Brem , K8, and Tubes Radiatori are just three of the fabulous radiator companies that have a range of traditional and stylishly classic,and  modern radiators and towel rails, some of which are electric as well as traditional plumbed versions.

Zierath Mirrors are the rolls royce of the illuminated mirror market with a vast range of styles, customised to suit any area.

Other suppliers include Huppe, Laufen, Duravit, Keuco.

There are basins made from rock, polished to an incredibly smooth finish.
A range of bespoke furniture made with a steel frame and inset with granite is also available. Available in different finishes and sizes, they are perfect for the additional storage, or to support one of Burgbad's basins. The trend is sit atop, rather than sit in.

Also there are the fabulous Maier Griferias taps/ faucets with gold and silver style finish and interchangeable swarovski crystal heads. We are also a main supplier in the UK for Zazzeri , whose fabulous range POP has interchangeable coloured tap and shower heads.

Steam shower rooms are becoming more popular, and something we know is an expanding market, so do come and chat with us. There is a wide selection available as well as everything for your wetroom.

Ally Interiors also sources furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, lighting and just about anything else interior design led.
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