Tuesday, 23 August 2011

More Memphis

Memphis was, is a philosophy, a way of living.

"Memphis says that the design is never the "solution" to a problem, because no problem is ever a motionless event that can be isolated and grasped, but a changeable, versatile event continually revolving in the midst of other problems also in motion"- Memphis, Barbara Radice

They are the punk rational town planners/ designers. They designed towns, houses, furniture, fabrics, electrical items. They didn't want to create just a product, but an entire way of living.

Ettore Sottsass, Nathalie du Pasquier,George J.Sowden, Marco Zanini were the key players. They not only were exemplary designers, but great collaborators.

Most of all they had a dream- to create the perfect environment.

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  1. Hey.... Great Designs... and I also like the Memphis's philosophy on the way living..... Really good one....

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  2. Hey Thanks! It's the philosophy combined with Design I love too