Thursday, 23 September 2010

About Us

Our suppliers include Designers Guild, Farrow and Ball, Harlequin, Zoffany, Jab, Linwood, Romo but to name a few. We not only carry a wide selection of fabrics, but also wallpapers from many varied and unusual suppliers.

And of course there are carpets. I know my wool from my polypropylene and my pile weights from my underlays- so don't think I can't be technical as well as arty!

Trackfitting is something else we specialise in- poles, tracks, pelmet boards, blinds. You can want the most brilliant design and heading on your curtains then find some architect/ builder/ nunce has made it impossible to achieve. With over 20 years in the Interior Design industry working with everyone from architects and builders to home owners there aren't many windows that can defeat me.

From sorting out your clutter, to giving you space, time and coffee in the calm of my showroom to think, to helping you visualise and plan what is a generally a costly endeavour- to finding that ideal piece of furniture, or even the occasional babysitter [and we have been know to help a customer break/ get back into their home when they have locked themselves out]- Honestly what more could you want from a village shop.

Oh, and I'm pretty good at Interior Design too.


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