Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Living in Harmony

There are times I am asked to visit a home to help the client plan a way forward.  They might feel that as soon as they enter through the front door the space, decoration or whatever doesn't work. They feel on edge, uncomfortable and sometimes as if life is closing in.

It can be that over time certain things have been changed, other things added haphazardly, other people add or move things or spaces begin a new identity.

Creating a great design to begin with is wonderful, allowing for it to fulfil and sustain is hard work. Plan for the future if you can.

If 2 of you find the perfect family home before you have kids, just remember cream carpets might not be appropriate. You can't all live in the same space, and kids need a good room. And start rules- don't leave your stuff all over the place. One client I saw had the only clear space in her hallway- which was beautiful and a starting point for the rest of the house.

Now, I don't mind football boots outside front door, tents drying in the garden or the odd book left here or there- but really toys they have clearly outgrown everywhere? and what's with the sweet wrappers on the floor?

Get a grip on your clutter, give everyone their own personal space- and enjoy living together in harmony.

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