Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bathroom Furniture

Who says bathroom furniture has to be white?
Burgbad 1

Burgbad 2


Burgbad 4



Fiora 3




Monday, 1 June 2015

All that Glitters

All that glitters is not gold, but who doesn't like a bit of shiny in their home.

These taps by Griferias Maier are stunning.

The Muse Diamond range is available in chrome, or 24 karat gold finishes and there is a choice of four interchangeable heads which feature Swarovski crystal elements.

While the taps are simplicity in themselves, the luxurious heads epitomise glamour and elegance.

They can be purchased either as a deck or wall mounted unit making them incredibly versatile in bathroom interior design.

It is worth looking at the rest of their collection if you follow the link above. While these products may touch a niche market, there is certainly a steady demand by the discerning interior client wishing for a more sumptuous look in a bathroom.

Burgbad are a German company with a high spec range of bathroom furniture.

It is impossible here, to expand on how huge are the selection of products. Instead let's look at the this one piece which is shown with a glass floral front. High gloss and gold leaf are also available.
Crystal handles are available on many ranges.

This dressing table also incorporates a folding illuminated mirror - perfect when applying make up.

The Drizzle chandelier by Ochre is gorgeous. The round version is in 30cm, 60cm, and 100cm sizes. Available also in spiral, rectangular, and wall lighting.

Made from polished nickel, with clear glass drops, it looks fabulous in both traditional, and contemporary living areas.

With a slight industrial feel, it perfectly reflects the current trend for minimalist statement pieces.
This chest of drawers by Selva also has Swarovski elements and  forms part of their Solitaire collection.
While quite a classical piece, we feel it would sit at home in many a contemporary interior.

There are eight available wood finishes including walnut, and dove grey making it easy to co-ordinate with many styles.

Contact me for information re products shown here for stockists and prices.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Pop of Colour

Who doesn't like a bit of colour in their life?  We thought as summer is approaching we would search some simple ways to add some feature colour into the home.

The lamps by Fraumaier were a good find at the Milan show. They do a range of table, ceiling, and floor lamps in some fabulous colours. The bases are painted to match the shades too.

No pun intended, but this wallpaper by Graham and Brown is Marvel-ous! While we could see this in a little boy's bedroom, we also think it would look great anywhere, if you are bold enough.

At £13 a roll, it would appear to be great value if your budget is slim.

 This Mondrian style bathroom uses colour block tiles for contrast and certainly adds interest to a normally plain white scheme.

When trying to replicate this idea, it is probably best to sketch the design out on some graph paper to ensure the colour goes precisely where you want it to.
 If you are feeling a little more creative, then why not paint some old chairs and sketch a design onto it, then colour to suit.

Rub off the existing varnish with sandpaper, then apply an acrylic primer. Paint your design, then finish with an acrylic varnish to seal in your colour.
 Funky rugs are fab.

 This one by Rugzone is based on a Rolling Stones image. They also have a selection of Union Jack styles.

Rule Brittania!
 Brem are an Italian radiator company that we love here.

They have a great range of styles and sizes, available in around 64 colours. The heat output is excellent and very efficient. These are available through Radiating Interiors.

Pop by Zazzeri are a fun range of flexible taps and shower systems.

It is hard to describe how clever they are in words, so here is a great little Youtube video.

Head over to Posh Bathing  for prices.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Independent Businesses

A survey by Which? has identified independent shops experiencing a revival on our high streets due to the high level of customer service offered by retailers. DIY and decorating shops having the greater success. This was considered a "surprise result" by Which?.

Hardly surprising to the many independent traders who work within this sector.  After all they are constantly battling on the one hand to offer their knowledge and experience to customers, all the while running the risk that the customer will use that information to search the internet for a better price.

Independent business owners have an extraordinary wealth of experience. They are obviously passionate about their products and continuously researching new and exciting trends. Customers love the fact they are able to talk to someone who is genuinely interested in their home project, and who can think out of the box regarding any potential problems that may result. They are also able to offer alternatives to the mainstream decorating tools that are found in many of the big chains.

Decorating or designing for a customer is a very personal service. There are often home visits, or the retailer will spend a considerable amount of time with the customer discussing the ins and outs of their project.

The level of stock in a showroom does not come cheap. Wallpaper and fabric books all need to be paid for by the retailer, quite often they are committed to enter into "book clubs" to maintain an area of exclusivity. Showroom displays are not free. If you want to feel a product, see how smooth it operates, or just want to find something different - then that is where an actual shop supports the customer.

Many products come with a RRP . Still in this sector it is more common for a customer to want a discount.  And again, even once gleaned all the information they want from an actual business owner, they say thanks very much- and go online to find a better price.

Of course the report does state that independents in this field are seeing a resurgence in trade. This is very hopeful for the vast majority of local shops. Many people may be aware of Shop Local schemes , the mantra of  "Use it, or Lose it".

Recently there was some debate between independent owners as to how far they worked in terms of offering free advice and planning. The response was to offer as much as they could upfront in the hope that the customer would have some loyalty to the shop, grateful to have the infinite knowledge available to them.

Hopefully the confidence in the Which? report is infectious to the general public. The knowledge that independent businesses are beating the big boys in their own game and succeeding . A little shop offering a bigger service than the sheds or the internet.

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