Thursday, 4 September 2014

Makeover Programs

A lot of angst on my timeline re makeover programs asking for free stuff, then really not promoting companies that have supplied.
While one might think any advertising good, quite often you just feel used and really as if been cleverely groomed to give away free stuff. Conned? You are meant to believe that you will receive airtime and advertising.

Enough is enough. Do not supply these makeover programs free anything, the least they can do is cost plus vat. How do their figures work with HMRC?


Had the pleasure to meet Neil Paterson at Sliderobes Wirral. What on first impressions looks like an unassuming unit on a trading estate is really a bustling hive of creativity and endless possibilities.

 If unfamiliar with Sliderobes, they are a company who design, supply and install wardrobes, sliding door units and now co-ordinated furniture.

 I did a quick look at their website, and the feedback. That all looked good. How difficult can it be to supply a sliding door wardrobe she asks herself.....the answer is better! Not all wardrobes are wood and glass. There are colours, textures - read fur and leather- there are endless trims.

Buy that outrageous wallpaper because Sliderobes will have a designer who can co-ordinate that walk-in, corner, sliding wardrobe for you in colours that will be perfect. And do you know, if you get tired after a few years, you just change the doors. There are concealed mirrors, 3 sliding systems, and I haven't even go to the point about how many shoes, ehem, storage it can provide.

Now there are bedside tables, dressing tables, headboards. Built in furniture is so practical, you don't waste any space if properly designed and Sliderobes fit everything using inhouse staff, in fact everything is made in their unit.

 Don't think sliderobes just for bedrooms and dressingrooms, storage is crucial anywhere. Sometimes you just can't figure out what's going to work, can guarantee Neil will have a solution that works. So a bit of imagination, some creativity on designer's part, some solid build from craftsmen. Sorted.

Contact Sliderobes Wirral 0151 334 2121, do mention if this post has been helpful.

ps. nicked a picture from their site, but showroom at Bromborough Wirral fabulous 

Monday, 1 September 2014

More Cool Designs on Heating

There is a definite chill in the air heralding the start of autumn and the inevitable switch on of central heating. If you are thinking of upgrading or replacing your heating appliances here are some stylish  designs that you might like.

 I have written before about a company called I- Radium and their infra red technology. Essentialy where conventional heating appliances warm the air, infra red warms objects and people. "Gigi" shown here is 80cm high and available in 6 different wood shades.
Excellent for little used rooms and for quick warmth.
Brem is another Italian company with a stunning portfolio of radiator designs working predominately with the top end of the market.

Stunning "Lame"  is shown here.
There are over 80 gloss, satin and metallic colours available over a very extensive range of modern designs.
K8 Radiatori use steel and aluminium in their ranges. "Bamboo Evolution" is comprised of irregular tubes which can be wall mounted or as shown here, to create a feature in a room.

K8 also do a fabulous wall mirror which is not also a heater but has an integrated lighting system.

With all heating requirements it is prudent to speak with the installer so they can best help judge size and output required.
Tubes Radiatori are another Italian company who have a fabulous range. This one called "Add-On" lets you do exactly that. It is a sectional radiator which allows you to build on components so that the design and size are custom made. Cunningly their systems allow for the valves to be remote from the unit, therefore improving the overall aesthetic look.

 If you have any queries, or would like to find out more about any of these suppliers, email  is at the top of my page.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sexy Ceramics

For research purposes, of course, I have HAD to watch the scene in "Ghost" where actress Demi Moore is at a pottery wheel.  Ok, actor Patrick Swyaze is in that scene too.  She is trying to form a vase, he appears - then the whole thing falls apart. Yes, men are that much of a distraction, especially if a hot ghost is in this scene.

The wheel keeps turning, the lump of clay with two pairs of hands and a lot of water turns into something memorable...will leave that to your imagination.

Poetry in motion.  Pottery in Greek is also Ceramic. It's been around for thousands of years through Europe and Asia - really anywhere clay could be found.   And  for thousands of years people have used their imagination to turn this lump of clay into something valuable - well maybe not as valuable as love, but you get my drift.

Of course there are floor tiles, wall tiles, outside tiles, bathroom furniture. There are different ratings, different glazes, different
 organics added, different firing temperatures....that is another blog.

But you want this link