Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sexy Ceramics

For research purposes, of course, I have HAD to watch the scene in "Ghost" where actress Demi Moore is at a pottery wheel.  Ok, actor Patrick Swyaze is in that scene too.  She is trying to form a vase, he appears - then the whole thing falls apart. Yes, men are that much of a distraction, especially if a hot ghost is in this scene.

The wheel keeps turning, the lump of clay with two pairs of hands and a lot of water turns into something memorable...will leave that to your imagination.

Poetry in motion.  Pottery in Greek is also Ceramic. It's been around for thousands of years through Europe and Asia - really anywhere clay could be found.   And  for thousands of years people have used their imagination to turn this lump of clay into something valuable - well maybe not as valuable as love, but you get my drift.

Of course there are floor tiles, wall tiles, outside tiles, bathroom furniture. There are different ratings, different glazes, different
 organics added, different firing temperatures....that is another blog.

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Radiating Heat

There are lots of sources of heat. Gas, electric, biofuel, coal, oil, open fuel logs. Another one that is gaining popularity is infra red.

While infra red is not a recent technology it has had a bit of a makeover in the design area. I- Radium have developed some exceptional products based around infra red technology and using real wood.

Here is the techy bit. "Convectional" heat from radiators and other sources heat the air.  If you consider the volume space of a room, little may be made up of the furnishings and people and more about that space we call air. Whereas "Radiating" heat which is infra red,  heats all the surfaces and not the air. Not only does it make it more energy efficient to operate, but you will feel an immediate sense of warmth

The mere fact conventional heating heats the air, also means that as soon as a draught arises, that heat is lost.

Walls, ceiling, furniture, people are all warmed through infra red. Think of it like having the sun shining on you on a cool day. You have that great feeling of immediate warmth.

The health benefits of infra red heat are also widely known. While everyone requires some heat to make them feel warm, fresh air is also desirable. This type of heat optimises the immune system and is very good for people with allergies as dust is not circulated in the air.

Back to design! The freestanding version is gorgeous! Wall mounted panels come in all shapes and sizes and basically look like works of art.

And remember the bit about just heating surface areas? Well these portable can be carried and positioned wherever you are, so no need heat vast amount of empty space.

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Posh Bathing

 I had a lovely afternoon
at  PoshBathing showrooms.

Quite simply, the owner Gary Walmsley has an exceptional eye for quality and the most amazing range of contemporary bathroom furniture, showers, taps and radiators I have seen in one place.

Some of the suppliers names may sound familiar - Hansgrohe and Laufen for example.

But what about Burgbad as seen here.

Not only are the units available in different sizes, but also a wide range of colours.  In fact Gary's suppliers also do bathroom furniture in linen finishes, taps with Swarovski embellishments, funky wall mounted radiators like this one displayed above the bath, coloured shower trays and some fabulous showers! Missel, Zazzeri, Cordivari and more....

If all this sounds a designer and architect specifier's dream - well Gary can turn it into reality.

He knows his stuff when it comes to ensuring your infrastructure will be able to support your wildest dreams. Gary's team will also install everything so the client has peace of mind and a truly integrated and professional service.

While wetrooms are looked at as a bit of a luxury, a large open shower which is suitable for all ages is becoming more popular too.  The notion of a tiled seat in a shower enclosure works very well.  A dual purpose showering system as shown here is an extremely attractive option and combined with one of the more stylish grab rails makes it an effective alternative for elderly clients.

Gary's showroom is mostly open by appointment, so call first before heading over. In fact you would want Gary's personal attention and advice that he has in abundance. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cool Designs on Heating

There are so many stylish alternatives to the flat white panel radiator or the electric/ gas fire found in many homes.
Here are a few of my favourites.

Underfloor heating has been around since the Romans popularised it some 2,500 years ago.
Now available as either a pipe or mat depending on your floor composition, it is an excellent choice in large open plan areas and where the wall space for traditional radiators is limited.  This type of flooring functions best with ceramic tile or other hard flooring materials.  The heat is transferred through the floor material and retains its heat on the flooring surface.  It is less effective with carpet and underlay as they tend to insulate the heat and can be downright dangerous by allowing heat to build up underneath.  Technical bit if using with carpets – check your TOG levels against what your underflooring supplier suggests.

Piped underfloor heating is suitable for subfloors which are accessible. The use of electric mats are popular on concrete floors.  Electric mats can be “zone controlled”.  This means you can switch certain areas off and on depending on your lifestyle.

Karndean Flooring is a popular choice as shown above.

Wall mounted radiators have come a long way from the white panel or electric storage heaters we have become used to seeing.  Some are quite simply works of art. 
Italian design Cordivari have an unbelievable range of tubular and flat radiators that are available in a multitude of stylish designs and colours.  And if you can’t find the colour you like, well you can add your own 

3.       BIO ETHANOL
Bioethanol fuel is made from common crops. It is intended to reduce or be carbon neutral.
There is some debate as to whether farmers will stop growing other food to produce “fuel” crops.  It is an early debate.

Bio ethanol fire places do not require any flue or chimney.  They are portable and are designed in a wide range of stylish wall mounted and portable free standing  designs.  They can even be used outside.