Tuesday, 23 February 2016

So the journeywoman picked her first card,  the Five of Pentacles. Feeling like an outsider.   Never loved or lived long enough with anyone or anywhere to feel like I belonged. It's because I've been running away. 
The bad men came knocking on my door around 1998. I think i saw them a year before. Did my guardian angel leave me or give me challenge.  
Couldn't get close to people know case they got hurt.
They were knocking on my door in dreams.  Enough for me to know they were real and Carl to wake me up. Afraid to go to sleep. Who knew years later my dreams comfort and don't want to wake up. 
Anyone these tunnelers spent years trying to get into my life and my last house in my nightmares . They were trying to get inside my life through bay window but I always awoke in time. 
Think they won. 

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