Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Brem Radiators

radiating interiors
 Brem are an Italian company who design and manufacture high quality steel radiators and towel rails.

Their literature states "Radiators for Architecture" and their products are quite literally an architect's dream.

Visually they look like fabulous pieces of art, available in a multitude of sizes, finishes, and colours.

Technically they operate at low temperature of 50 degrees C, ensuring uniform heat. The larger surface areas conducts heat in a very efficient manner through both convection and irradiation. Although most of the radiators are plumbed to the central heating system, electrical versions are also available. Remote valves and digital thermostats are also options on certain models.

Why we like them is because of their fantastic range of designs and extensive colour choice available in high gloss and sable finishes.There are also textured pieces available.

radiating interiors
Lame Up
I recently had the opportunity to visit their Italian factory, where I could see the manufacturing and design processes at work.
Invisible welds and expert painting ensure the radiators look superb as a finished product.

The Paco is an interesting design. A combination of heating and storage.



The "So-Flex" takes the notion of a radiator and towel rail further than many will have encountered. Designed by Gabriella Almagioni, it is a stylish radiator with an upturned corner of steel that. Available in sizes ranging from 77cm high to 2-20, it looks particularly stunning in the 19 Sable colours that include dark copper, ivory, mouse grey and oxide orange.

"Lame-Up" looks very much like a modern totem pole. Designed by Davide Brembilla, Rectangular tubes of differing heights are grouped together as 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 pieces and erected on a colour co-ordinated stand.

radiating interiors
S Barra

Where space is at a premium then the "Sbarra" is perfect. At only 8cm per unit, it can be manufactured as a 1,2 or 3 bar radiator. Remote valves, electrical model and fantastic choice of colours add to the versatility of this high output and energy efficient system.

"Vision", designed by Luigi Brembilla is a 3 dimensional towel heater which as well as being available in differing sizes and colours, can be square or horizontal.

This unit can be plumbed or available as an electrical version. The valves are located at the back so as not to affect the aesthetic visual design.

There are designs which incorporate lighting and mirrors.

If you want more information, and to see some of the range on show, go visit their UK stockist.

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