Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Zierath Mirrors

Zierath is  probably best described as the Rolls Royce of the bathroom  illuminated mirror market albeit Mercedes Benz might  be a better description for this German company.  If Zierath is a name you haven't heard of then read on.

Sometimes functionality overtakes the need for innovative aesthetic design. A mirror can be the focal point of any bathroom, a beautiful object fixed to the wall that can be appreciated for its good looks , or on reflection, your good looks.

A cursory glance in the hall mirror when going out might be sufficient to check your hair looks fine, but there is no substitute for a great mirror when applying make up or shaving.

Crystal glass mirrors which can be backlit with a choice of halogen, led and neon tubes as well as overhead lighting form this range. Cut and polished, bevelled and framed, a multitude of sizing options are some of the ways these mirrors can be manufactured to your own requirements as well as included in their main range.

Halogen bulbs behind the glass mirror emit a warm light which reflects the contours on the face accurately. The clip on lights above the mirror also help to spread light through the glass.

 The dispersal of light through and onto the surface of the glass is what make these great mirrors.
There are a range of magnifying mirrors, discreet shaving socket options and the flexibility to choose where to fix the switch.

The list of special options is lengthy!
Choose your mirror design, select a size or specify your own, decide on the type and level of illumination you would like and that is just the start.

There are different edging finishes from facet to bevelled. A back heating foil can be added, as well as concealed switches, shelving options, a cosmetics magnifying mirror, clip on lights, dimmer option.

Whether specified for the domestic household or the contract market, there are abundant designs, styles and ideas that will truly satisfy everyone.

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