Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Stylish Bedrooms

We have all seen the bedroom with the feature wallpaper, so I thought I'd find a few more unusual rooms. This Art Deco inspired scheme has some very clever ideas.

The large expanse of wall behind the bed has been broken up with a "frame" feature, and the symmetry of the headboard and lamps create a perfect focal point.
A simple neutral based colour scheme works perfectly with a red/ orange toned accent colour. The quirkiness of the furniture and the bold patterns on the headboard and carpet create a beautifully executed and comfortable room.

Here we have a clean textured wallpaper, simple curtains, silvered furniture and a feature headboard and accent throw.

When you have a short window it is worth incorporating blackout lining into the curtains so that when they are closed, they look perfect- without any residual light showing through. The fitted quilt on the bed echoes the clean lines in the room

This is a very lovely Guest room. A small central window is made to feel larger by the use of patterned wallpaper behind the beds which has the appearance of curtains. Light voile curtains and a working roman blind to match the wallpaper add to the clean breezy feeling.
Using the same pattern for the fabric on the beds keeps this room unfussy but entertaining.

As with the first bedroom, white bedding accessorised with a contrast pattern or colour definitely works.
An interesting touch is the textured carpet, which enhances  a rather  rustic charm, balancing the very flowery print.

Altogether this room has a very light and lovely look.

Some tips:
Harlequin is one company that has a very complimentary range of wallpapers and fabrics.

When fitting a large headboard, fix it to the wall using mirror screws. Depending on the fabric you use, buttoning the headboard will minimise any joins in the fabric.

By reducing the contrast between walls, carpet and furniture rooms will appear larger.

Don't be afraid to experiment with strong colours- but do make sure that the fitted wardrobes do not dominate the room. The bed is the focal point.

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  1. modern furniture
    A simple natural based structure works completely with a red/ fruit ripped feature color. The quirkiness of the furniture and the strong styles on the queen headboard and carpeting create a magnificently implemented and comfortable room.