Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What is Interior Design

Le Corbusier said that "a house is a machine for living in".

Ruskin said " In my house there is no attempt whatever to secure harmonies of colour, or form, or furniture.... I am entirely independent for daily happiness upon the sensual qualities of form or colour--when I want them I take them either from the sky or from the fields."

Robert Owen, Lord Lever, the Cadburys are all great visionaries who changed the way we live and the homes we live in. Charles Mackintosh,well his chairs may not have survived but his design does.

The term Interior Design may have first been used to describe the intensity of decoration that first found its way into the places that could most afford it- the churches.  The exultant extravagance of an organisation full of gilt and gold, whilst their neighbours struggled to find candles they could afford.
I doubt interior design referenced including a nook for a candle in some cave dwelling.

But wait, weren't the best interior designers also architects, philanthropists,artists, town planners?

You have four walls, a ceiling and a floor- what can be so difficult about decorating that? And you are right, watch any of the design programs on television and what a chore it becomes.  I have been involved in a 60 Minute Makeover where we supplied an  item for free 6/8 weeks before.
Paint a room beige, take current supplier colour trends and you have it.

But will any of the current popular "interior designers" be remembered in 50 years?  Maybe quite literally they have looked at 4 walls and a floor and thought "neutral".  The last group of people I saw worth calling themselves interior designers belonged to Memphis Design. Or maybe now people start to realise that interior design is not just pink this season, purple next- but part of a way to live and function well.
Interior architecture.

Interior design may be about creating a beautiful  space- but it is all about the "machine" that helps us act and work and live to our best ability.

There are many people who do that with intuition, product knowledge and understanding how a client lives , albeit on a singular and small scale. But really some just don't understand the principles properly.

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