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Tubes Radiatori

designer italian radiators by tubes radiatori
Monte Carlo
 Tubes Radiatori is a company whose total premises cover over 18,000 sq metres in Resana, a province of Treviso  Italy.

Set up in 1994, on the back of 30 years of experience in plumbing and heating systems, it is recognised as much now for its innovative and stylish heating systems as it is for its slick components.

The company's philosophy is clear - to manufacture heating units that have an aesthetic and architectural feel. Certainly the contribution made by renowned designers as Ludovico and Robert Palomba with Matteo Fiorini, Elisa Giovannoni, Satyendra Pakhale and Peter Jamieson have shown the commitment Tubes have investing in good design.

Included in their portfolio are heating elements, towel warmers and radiators - both wall mounted and freestanding , as well as water and electric systems.

italian designer radiator
 A unique selling point is their remote valve, which can be positioned up to 6 metres away. This in itself is completely innovative and allows for greater flexibility and aesthetics in the creation of their units.

Full technical sheets and guidance for installation are available.

But back to design. While the radiators are clearly energy efficient with a steel tubular element, it really is the marriage of "contemporary artwork and a piece of fine craftsmanship" which is beautiful.

'Scaletta' is representative of a ladder and is an electric supply radiator available freestanding or wall mounted. In its freestanding form the  point it can be easily moved is one of the endearing qualities.

italian radiators
The 'Trame' really does look like a piece of contemporary metal art, and is available in 110 colours. The fact it looks so appealing aesthetically is a testament to the incredibly complex manufacturing process of turning radiator pipework tubes into an undulating weave of 'fabric' that  is as energy efficient as it is gorgeous in looks.

'Montecarlo' is a simple shelving towel rail/ radiator with an seemingly unending bank of colours available to choose. Like many of the other Tubes products, there are different sizes and freestanding or wall mounted options.

While all these radiators are ultimately destined for the domestic end user, an architectural or interior designer's eye may be required to visualise or even to assist with the selection process. What is sure, is that the finished product will look and work fantastic.

italian radiator
Add- On
 Satyendra Pakhale created the 'Add- On' -  core 12 x 24 cm recyclable aluminium unit that can have multiple units 'added on' to create something truly unique. Again designed with remote valve operation, it truly deserved the Red Dot 2008 design award for design and technology.

And Tubes designers continue to do what they do best - continually creating radiators for the interior design market.

'Kangeri' is a project on the go, a portable heating system that builds up heat from an electric source and can be moved emitting heat when unplugged for many hours.

 'Rift' is a vertical and horizontal array of extruded square units, not unlike thin girders that definitely has an architectural feel in design.

Tubes also manufacture a range of 'Basics' which I have not shown here.

For information and prices on any of these products contact Radiating Interiors

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