Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Decorating your Entrance Hall

We may not all have an entrance hall on the grand scale of this beautiful Bauhaus foyer,but with some thought we can have one that is equally interesting.

Have you ever watched "Come Dine With Me" and looked in horror as the host could barely squeeze their guest through the front door, a peg to the side so overladen with coats the door would not fully open?

Or another where the hall is so large the disproportionately small console table is lost in this cavernous waste of space?

No such problem here, the floor design and artwork are in perfect scale for this foyer.

Here, a small hall is kept simple with the clever use of Farrow and Ball paint. The balance of the colour tones and the contrast on the arch and handrail, add interest and definition.

The cupboard to the side, which could be housing a radiator, is detailed enough without the need to add more pattern to the walls or stairs. The roman blind is pulled up high inside the window which has a beautiful frame.

And note the direction of the wood flooring? This could be original, but it also accentuates the width of the space and runs neatly along with the other horizontals on the stairs and cupboard.

The only real accents are the arch, handrail and small picture- whose frame balances the colour of handrail.

This hallway is reminiscent of many Victorian terraced properties in this country. Long and narrow with little natural light.

Many of these houses have front doors with glass panels above- this is called borrowed light. The light here is seen coming from a bright kitchen area and possibly a landing window.

If you look closely you will also see many wall lights, a large mirror, shiny floor and polished console table. All of these "tricks" will enhance the feeling of light in this area.

Avoiding clutter is key to narrow spaces. Light walls give a feeling of breadth, and the runner adds detail to a beautiful staircase.

Every hall needs at least one point of interest.

Make the most of the shape of the floor, use mirrors and invest in good lighting.

But for goodness sake, lose the clutter.

And,as with everything in life, the key is balance.

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