Saturday, 29 October 2011

Small Kitchens

Every cook wants a lovely new kitchen. Doors and drawers that effortlessly close, good worksurface space, lots of sockets- a table and flatscreen tv.
But what if your kitchen is like mine.

More a scullery than a kitchen, somewhere to serve food made elsewhere , not in the least bit modern.
I cook dinner for 5 here nearly every day and a 3 course Christmas dinner from here for around 7 people each year- with a Jamie Oliver 3 day duck recipe included.

What you can't see is the understairs cupboard which doubles as a bit of a pantry. And yes, I have no dishwasher. The bread machine is in the pantry and used at least twice a week. My spice rack is the one my brother made in Woodwork around 20 years ago.

Since this photo was taken the George Foreman has made way for a slow cooker, but pretty much the rest is the same.

Matching electrical appliances is good, lack of contrast walls and units opens space. Most important is ensuring there is no work surface/ drainer clutter. The flooring is Karndean and carries through into hall.

My windowsill is always full of herbs, tomato and pepper plants. We eat in the diningroom which has a sofa and tv, but we all sit at the table.

Yes, I'd like more space and maybe one day I can afford that kitchen extension. But for now, I am happy with my kitchen- and my cooking skills!

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