Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas Ideas That Don't Cost the Earth

"Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat.."

They may be the only ones enjoying a good life, many people are in the worst recession since the 70's, and money is tight.

All  we want is a good Christmas, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Friends, family- if you are cooking for others, they all want to help. This year do let them contribute, a starter here, a cheese, the veg.  It's your home and your electricity/ gas. It is all about the company.

Decoration- most of us have probably acquired enough to decorate a small town. If you are starting out, raid your parents loft.  If you can't do that, ask a neighbour with holly growing in their garden  if you can have some. North France has the most abundant mistletoe I have ever seen- but check if ok to bring into country before doing so, or asking friends who might be returning from there.
Branches, twigs, boughs of holly- as the song says. Less is definitely more, but indoor greenery is Christmassy.

Presents- Do you write a blog? One that has good info and others might like?  Print it. WillowTreePress  will print blogs, books, make up custom notecards, even make the fledgling business person in your family their own business cards.

Books- everyone loves a good book.
What if it came with its own gorgeous bookmark? Sherieann Jewelery have a great range, £3 and free UK delivery.

An inexpensive "vintage" find of a book and a lovely keep forever bookmark.

This company do a range of boys wristbands, bracelets and other crafty finds!

Use some imagination,remember a lot of last year's presents have ended up in charity shops!

Wrapping paper - Quirky paper such as old comics, tissue paper with ribbon, brown paper, newspaper. Just make sure ink print won't stain gift. Or cheap gauze and netting .

Attach a sprig of holly, a tealight, a miniature Baileys, last years christmas cracker finds (ha, now you know what to do with that mirror/ toolset/ baby charm).

A few ideas, I will add to this post.
Maybe it takes a Recession to remind us of  a better meaning of Christmas- time spent with friends and family.

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