Saturday, 17 July 2010

Shaded White

Elephant's Breath ,Harbour Grey, Pitcairn , Dead Salmon - these are all paint colours.
They sound much more exciting than plain old  beige, stone, or battleship grey.

And why shouldn't paint be exciting? Well, probably because it is more technically and aesthetically difficult to get correct. Take a room with ceiling, coving, picture rail, walls, dado rail,  skirtings, door architrave, door and possibly feature wall and how do you make the colours work without creating a  Neapolitan ice cream effect? Oh and don't forget the radiator.

Then there's the finishes to consider- oil eggshell, water eggshell, gloss, different emulsion finishes, primers, and is there any specialist plasterwork finish required? Is there woodwork, plaster, masonry outside.

An then there is the decorator to consider, and how many coats of paint to apply, is there new plaster...

Get it right and the effect can be amazing, but get it wrong- well, that is where the paintwork will stick out like sore thumb.

One little tip, if painting new plaster for first time paint on a couple of coats of cheap watered down emulsion first, then apply your more expensive paint. The new plaster will draw the moisture in and leave you with no colour on the surface.

Paints mentioned from Farrow and Ball, Little Greene Paint and Zoffany

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