Sunday, 4 December 2011

All White

Years ago walls were typically painted magnolia, beige, or cream.  Now you are more likely to find that the whites have taken over.

White, far from being an industrial stark hue reserved for hospital wards and sold typically in over sized tins, can be calm and relaxing -or bold and daring. Take your pick!

Finding the right shade of white can be difficult though. Many appear very much more like a definite colour thinned down. While others like the Farrow and Ball range here really require a tester pot and at least 3 coats of paint.

White absorbs and reflects light and colour. A cornflower white may look particularly blue in a darker room, and as much as the almond shade looks good on the front of the tin, it may clash with your red.

Have a good look at the choices of white if buying furniture. Some whites may appear more cream once installed in your room. Paint a sample card with your chosen shade and carry it with you when looking for furniture or curtains.

White bedrooms are nothing new. Charles Rennie Mackintosh's design of the White Bed Room at Hill House dates from 1903.

In complete contrast to the rest of the house, the White Room is cool and elegant. Here the form and line of the furniture is highlighted, and the white is an effective background for the delicate stencilling and decoration.

This fabulous and fun kitchen diner relies completely on the bright accessories. Here the form of boxy boring units vanish into thin air almost as the kitsch choice of red based fittings become the centre of attention. The odd smattering of yellow and green a nice distraction too.

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