Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Tackling Storage

Having had many years working with some major housebuilders and some inept developers - there is quite a bit I know about small spaces.
Picture a showhome where there are no internal doors. Took my tape measure with me when my brother was looking to purchase a new house, and realised that with a king size bed in the main bedroom, the door wouldnt open wide enough to allow anyone to get out of the room. 

I was also asked to plan and install furniture into a redevelopment being sold as 2 bedroom flats. The investors were buying "off plan". Plan looked odd, so I went and checked measured. No way a bed whether it was single or futon design could fit into the "second" bedroom. Also the window was to high - that is another blog!

So never overestimate, nor underestimate your space.

Don't buy small furniture. Buy what you need in the room. Most people walk into a room and sit down. You don't need small furniture. It won't make the room look bigger. 

 Living in a small space with children can be difficult. I am afraid I was ruthless, in the " you take it out, you put it away". A toybox in the livingroom worked for all things used.  My mum still has one of those box style footstools- opens to store toys.  Many times I walk into a customer's home and they are apologetic about the mess.  So do something about it! You are the adult.  Children only need a certain amount of stimulus to be entertained.  Clutter drives everyone mad.

Storage is key.
Use every inch of  space. This idea is brilliant. On rollers. Perfect. Can be used to fill an odd space by wardrobes and adapted.

But look at wasted space above fridge? One of those wardrobe drop down cupboards would be perfect here.

Our wall. No need to hide or find alternative space when a wall is good enough.

This is clever.
Sometimes the best answer is to custom make to fit the space. Built in shelves in alcoves will store more books than a badly fitted shop bought bookcase.

Ikea sell a cheap and cheerful storage coffee table. Before you assemble it, paint  to fit in with your own colour scheme.

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