Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday afternoon Interior Design finds

brick wall panels
 We are big fans of the feature stone/ brick wall panels by Designer Walls  While paint and wallpaper will always have its place in interior design, there is something aesthetically pleasing about an , albeit faux, natural material. Due to its texture these panels look amazing as shown here with light bouncing off the surface, creating contrast through shadows. Teamed with a high polish ceramic floor and clean lines of contrast paint, they help create an interior scheme that is both subtle but very contemporary.
stone basin
 It may be hard to believe, but this basin started life as a lowly lump of rock. Polished smooth on the inside it looks amazing sitting atop a smooth granite surface. This type of sit on bowl is becoming more popular in bathroom design, lending itself to wall mounted taps. We think black would be a great contrast to the usual chrome.
 These Keuco taps look spot on with another sit on top basin, this time by Burgbad. Keuco have an incredible range of quality products.  Burgbad, a German company, reflects the high level of engineering in its products that the Germans are so infamous for. The high quality of the ceramic used by Burgbad creates a beautiful basin that is hardwearing and can be moulded into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Posh Bathing are now offering a selection of inhouse made furniture for bathrooms using steel and  granite that can be custom made. A range of complimentary wood furniture is due to unveiled shortly, so keep watching this blog for the latest information.
Brem radiators don't just create highly efficient and effective radiators, but their designs could easily be seen as works of art. The Lame redefines heating systems as we know it with round heating elements encased in rectangular bars. Again, this product is available in a range of sizes and colours and can be supplied as a plumbed or electrical unit. Available through Radiating Interiors
 Chandeliers are definitely in vogue. This square french gold finish with amber crystals is perfect for rooms with a lower ceiling height, still giving a luxurious feel. This model by Dar is also available as a dimmable unit.
And there is plenty of class shown here with Maier taps. They are available in polished and matt  gold and silver finishes with interchangeable swarovski decorated heads.

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