Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Griferias Maier

I have held Griferias Maier brassware in my hand. If that sounds sexy, well it is. Their tag of Flowing Water is lovely - free flowing water, and elegant flowing designs. The Spanish and Italians always seem to make their products sound desirable.

Their products are solid brassware, beautifully made, and stylish too.

Maier have a range of 34 collections. Without a doubt there will be a collection that will apeal to everyone.

There is Ikon and their Thousand Facets of Water.The rose gold is stunning and certainly a finish that is appearing more and more in interior design.

Muse Diamond brings together a fantastic tap with genuine Swarovski crystal. Each piece comes with its own unique certificate serial number as they have an official partnership with Swarovski.

It is hard to describe how beautiful are these items of brassware.
There is Flow and Surf Art. I have only hinted at a few of the collections. If this inspires you to look twice at the taps available in the diy sheds and consider the design - then that is good.

There are so many great designs out there. Maier Grifferias definitely one to consider.

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