Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sustainability in Design

The Buzz word in Interior Design is Sustainability. The Consumer led society most of us have experienced over the last 40 years has caused topics like Recycling, Landfill, Green Energy, Renewable to fill headlines around the world. This trend is a not a case of being obsessive about arguments impacting on Climate Change, more like look at what and why you buy something and make a more informed choice.

So how does Sustainability work in Interior Design? For people to flourish and work productively their surroundings have  to be right.  Instead of 1999 looking all things silver and bursting into a Year 2000, we’re looking 2010 and becoming more green.

 The big thing is not to buy something you will throw away too quickly- or easily.  Re upholster a favourite piece of furniture, recover dining chairs. Use great materials and make them last.

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