Thursday, 13 January 2011

Trends 2011? Do Your Own Thing

It's been frustrating over the years watching the oak, laminate, beige, brown leather nonsense in the shops and ultimately carried into people's houses. Someone close to me is the person you could close your eyes and imagine her livingroom- straight out of a catalogue.  Which is great if you have no imagination. But I'm guessing you are reading this blog because you do have imagination.

I love the quirky, the personal, the teacup you can't get rid of because it's the last from a broken set, the lamp you had to have from the market in Tunisia, the clay pottery piece your child made age 6.

I love the blending of all things till it creates your home- you know when it's just a well designed room because no one sits in it and prefers the kitchen.

Bring me your old and comfortable and lets add some you.

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