Thursday, 3 March 2011

Do's and Dont's

Just some general stuff I have learned over the years
Don't put carpets in bathrooms- unless man made material because wool shrinks and smells
Don't put flock wallpaper in downstairs washrooms, people can't resist touching it and becomes marked
Don't paint or decorate yourself unless that is your skilled day job
Do be brave with colour- but if fearful ask advice
Do try and have plants in your home,
Most neutral rooms look like each other, so add a colour or something personal and not just a shop bought image
Be very careful buying carpet- the heavier pile weight does not necessarily mean better carpet.
If choosing a light colour carpet, fill the gaps between floorboards and skirtings with some expanded filler- the dust that escapes through there is the cause of those black lines on your carpets.
Don't obscure your window view if it's great- if you live seaside with fantastic views don't let some  architect introduce overhangs and porthole windows. If you overlook alley but there's still huge light coming through some blinds you can angle work better.
Light needs to do 3 things in a room- Task, Mood and General Illumination. Hard to ask one light to do all so think about lamps, dimmer switches, wall lighting

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