Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Farrow and Ball

I do love paint. The technical part of choosing correct paint for the job, the knowledge of surface preparation to ensure it goes on correctly and looks great. With most paint jobs you really want to bring in a professional painter decorator.

The difference with Farrow and Ball paints is the quality of the paint itself.
Most paint feels like 90% emulsifier, 10% pigment. Farrow and Ball paints feel the other way round- pure paint. You really want to use it yourself.

There are some technical things to be aware of when you are using it- their paint isn't cheapest around so you really don't want to waste any.

Then there is the most difficult part, choosing the  right colour. And if you don't apply correctly you will never get the depth of colour.  And beware cheap imitation colours. They are never the same.
I never said paint was easy, but I love a challenge.

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