Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I love gardens and gardening. I once visited a little cottage and was chatting to the owners about their interior design requirements. It was a dark low ceiling space. Walking round with them I asked to see their garden. That was the turning point. Their garden, wrapped around this cottage was a haven of different areas and planting. A vegetable patch, grapes over a courtyard space, raised area with table and chairs enough for 2 to dine in evening sun. Instantly I knew what to do.

You see, my own back garden is divided into "rooms".

Take one "floorplan" ask yourself what you want from it. Where does the sun rise and set, what time of day most likely used. What would you like to see from window....

Build in structure- the key pieces of "furniture" that will last- trees, shrubs, hard surface, water feature.

Buying Plants
When buying plants buy one that survives about 50 miles north rather than 50 miles south.
Remember A, B, P - life expectancy
Annual - 1 year
Biennial - 2 years
Perennial- hardy more than 2 years life and survives winter usually

Shady and Full Sun.
All garden centres are good at giving advice here. Don't waste money on something that needs full sun and think it will survive in shade. There are plants for shade and with colour. But I'd go for leaf texture and shades of green.  The hosta in the pot in photograph survives in shade, dies to nothing over winter, but looks beautiful in spring through summer. And nice flowers too.

That's the other thing, maintaining interest all year round. I know a garden that is lovely in the summer but looks like an empty plot come the autumn.

If have specific request and want to chat, use my online interior design service- same recommendations planting.

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