Thursday, 26 May 2011


There are generally 3 basic types of lighting required- General Illumination, Task and Mood.
It's hard to ask one lighting source, usually a central ceiling light, to perform all 3 functions.

Chandeliers, ceiling spots, wall washers, table lamps, uplighters, downlighters...Then there's that fine detail of lux to lumen, what each bulb will deliver in terms of brightness in a given area. Not forgetting that if you change your lighting you might need to look at a larger circuit breaker box.

Some guidelines:
Don't choose a ceiling uplighter light unless you have a great looking ceiling- artex highlighted is not a good feature.
Do look at table or floor lamps if there's a favourite reading chair.
You probably need more ceiling spotlights in your kitchen than you think.
Exposed bulbs in coolie shades are not a good look- use round ball paper shades.
Bathroom spotlights need to be Zone 1 over bath/ shower and Zone 2 in the rest of the room.
You can paint inexpensive plaster wall lights to blend with wall
You can have drum shades made up in almost any fabric- now there's a thought

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