Wednesday, 18 May 2011

High Street Shopping

I have read recently that the Government have called in Mary Portas to save our High Streets (

She's asking all businesses, local authorities and shoppers to make their views known.

Well, on the Wirral we have events called Area Forums. They are widely advertised and in some areas pretty well attended.

We have paid for Retail Consultation Plans and Strategies for at least the 6 years I have been involved.

It's not just tarting up your shop to make it look better for 5 minutes. All credit to local Hoylake shop featured re fruit and veg, but- as Mary Portas said in her twitterline the same evening- "can't get a decent cup of coffee"- but you can, she was looking for Costa or Starbucks.

The Government is bending like Blair and bowing to popular tv watching public.

That is not the answer. Every area has it's own diverse need- seaside coastal zones is mine- far different from the mess in Edinburgh right now, but I remembered when that city inspired me.

I think my earlier post re New Towns is something to be taken notice of- but I feel the Government are not thinking straight.

picture My shop was the middle one

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