Sunday, 22 May 2011

Online Interior Design Service

Not everyone feels the need for an Interior Designer to visit them at home, sometimes all you need is a bit of professional advice. Whether its's regarding organising space, finding furniture, co-ordinating colours - it's helpful to discuss these issues with someone qualified to offer an opinion. Of course information can also help you not to make costly or avoidable mistakes.

I am trialling a new service whereby I offer the following:

An initial phone call to you at your convenience to discuss your project
A follow up plan of your room or moodboard, including samples and inventory of furnishings and as much advice and tips as I can offer

All for the introductory fee of £75.00 per room

I will ask about the type of room, its planned uses, the kind of things you like. You can send me floor plans by post or e-mail- even a sketch will do with some measurements, photos of existing room and / or things you are keeping or things you like.

I have access to thousands of samples, numerous furniture and lighting suppliers and hundreds of happy clients over the last 20 years. I can advise you where to purchase goods local to you or arrange for curtains, blinds etc to be made up and supplied direct to you ready for fitting.

So whether it's a flat in the city, a new extension or a makeover why not trial my service.

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