Monday, 15 August 2011

Grey Schemes

Battleship grey, elephant grey, grey skies. All sounds a bit dreary and dull. But with so many shades of grey and so many complimentary accent colours there's no reason why not to use this colour in your home.
The one rule has got to be to stick within the right tone of grey. Some have a slight pink tinge, some might look blue toned, whilst others will look more silvery or even green based. As long as you stay within your spectrum of grey- albeit with more or less black and white added you will be fine.
The livingroom above definitely has a slight mauve look reinforced by the choice of colour in the footstool to match the tone in the wallpaper. Adding a strong accent, such as the black chair,and echoing the black in key pieces through the room seems to create a balance that holds this scheme together more so. Other accessories in white play their part but don't dominate.

The bedroom however is relying more on textures and simple patterns in the same shade to create a warm and interesting room. Remember using the same colour, but in different materials, will give you a pale contrasting shade.The subtle shaded wallpaper again seems to bring all the shades together more so than a flat painted wall would. And because there already seems to be enough subtle detail, a too busy paper would ruin the gentle balance of this room.
(images from housetohome)

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