Friday, 30 September 2011

Working with Colour

If someone asked me what my favourite colour was I would say "green". I don't wear that colour, I haven't decorated any rooms in green - but I do have a lot of plants and love my garden.

In the past my shop colours were purple, black and white- I have an aquamarine ring that brings me happiness. I am an Autumn baby and am drawn to the colours in this bracelet- they complement my hair!

The really lovely thing I like about the colours here, is also the woman who made it didn't feel the need to add an "accent colour". The colours, shades, tones- they just work perfectly together. Why unbalance with a strong rust or green. It's similar to tasting a perfectly made soup and marvelling at how wonderful it is- and appreciating how difficult to combine ingredients and get it right.

Bracelet by Sherieann-Jewelery
Good soup by a Seafood Restaurant Florida, a pub on the corner of High Street Warwick and a polysterene cup of Cullen Skink in Anstruther.
Bad soup- locally but gone now.

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