Thursday, 29 September 2011

Girl's Bedroom on a Budget

The key to decorating a girl's bedroom is to keep the main elements simple, and change accessories as they get older. If it's a smallish room, painting the furniture a light colour to blend in with walls will make the space feel a little less cluttered.

Changing the furniture handles/ knobs is easy enough to do, look out for end of lines or charity shop finds- they don't need to match just be same size and shape.

Keep the bedlinen white. Plain duvet sets and pillows can be dressed with patchwork throws and colourful cushions. If your daughter is into a particular theme- princess, fairy, horses- then find a metre or so of remnant fabric in that theme and use to make cushions. The backs of the cushions can be out of cheap lining fabric so you  may even get 4 cushions from a metre of fabric.

Pompoms are fun to make and can be used to add detail to cushion corners or even attach to the bottom of blinds or across the top of curtains. Again lining fabric can be used to make inexpensive curtains, use remnant fabric to attach to leading edges or sewn across top to add interest.

I have used old faded bedding, clothes that don't fit, worn t-shirts and cheap second hand patterned dresses cut into squares and sewn patchwork style to make throws for beds and roman blinds. 

Or why not have a go at making a chandelier? A hanging pendant fitting, wire twisted and a few baubles! Plenty of websites showing how.

Keep walls tidy by providing a metal notice board with magnets to hold pictures/ cards in place- rather than blu tacking to walls.

Hope you have fun with all the suggestions!

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