Monday, 24 October 2011


There are  many reasons for purchasing a mirror.
Firstly, you might want to see what you look like. You may want to check your make up or shave. You could also want to allow reflected light into a room, or make a room feel larger.
So how do you choose?

This is a stunning, highly decorative overmantle mirror. So called because it is usually positioned over a fireplace, hence the flat bottom edge.

This particular one has extremely good reflective glass- as shown by the straight edge of the picture rail and coving reflected through the 3 mirror panels.
Cheap mirrors cause the reflection of straight lines to bend and look distorted.
It is definitely worth investing in decent glass if the reflection is important.

Certainly, the larger the mirror, the more of the room is reflected and appears larger. Hence if you have a tiny bedroom, sliding mirror doors are great.
There are many shapes and styles. The startbust mirror here is more decorative than functional!

Positioning a mirror in a dark area where it attracts some light, will bounce the light out and make small spaces seem less shady.

If the mirror is in the bathroom, it is worth investing in one which won't steam up while you are in the shower. Many companies also offer an option of a magnifying mirror attachment.

Mirrors can also come in a multitude of frames. If you particularly want one without a frame, opt for a bevelled edge. This is where the "frame" is also mirror and slightly slanted.

When you find the right mirror, you won't regret it. And you will never replace it.

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