Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Looking back through 2011

Just a little personal journey of things I found interesting.

 I have already commented here on the B&Q edible garden which won Gold at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year.

9 metres tall and a perfect example of how easy it can be to grown your own veg and herbs.

Just a great lifestyle image- oh should we have the weather to take our life outdoors in such a permanent way!

Who would care cushions, curtains, wallpaper- it would be all about lighting and palms, pools and martinis...

Hark back to the vertical edible and we have cgi of proposed Milan apartment block.

Mature trees on each level.
I have slight reservation as I can see my back door step needs sealing as water kicks in and weakens it.

But it's a great idea. Read more here 

Love this ammonite concrete basin. I have showed this in previous post, but reminds me of a link to the Alasdair Gray book "Lanark". The teacher sees a boy has drawn a shell with charcoal and it looks heavy. She replies, but it's a delicate fragile thing. He replies, but to the creature inside, it was his fortress,his armour.

Must have read that book 25 years ago, still remember. Like to think here, concrete and delicate shell again work well practically.

As we are in a country that is cold to cool most of the year, why not have a "cool" radiator.

In this blog I have mentioned a few outside feature fireplaces- but these are seriously good heat radiating machines that also look great.  You can even have them screen printed with your holiday snaps!

Can't do with out this!

Practical, easy, recharges, works. G-Tech

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