Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas is Coming

'Tis the the season to write lists. Christmas card lists, food lists, present lists.

So here are a few interior/ design ideas.

1.If having visitors to stay, do buy new sheets and duvet covers- a throw at the bottom of the bed shows you care.

2.The smallest room in house can be interesting too! Red towel, scented tea lights and a funky toilet roll.

3. Wrapping presents: simple paper, some nice ribbon, a party popper or last year's cracker gift attached can make a small gift look amazing.

4. Smarten up those dining chars- 1 1/2 metres of fabric should do 4 chairs.  Borrow a staple gun and voila!

5. Scented candles are a must, cinnamon, pine or Christmas Memories.

6. Fabric napkins always look good. Use any plain or slightly patterned fabric, hemmed and you are done.

7. A wreath for the front door always looks good. Wire, moss and whatever decorations you have to hand. Here is my handmade. I trimmed off some fake boughs, made into circle  and added decoration.

8. Mince Pies. Much more fun and very easy to make. 250g flour, 125 butter or lard 75gm sugar and and an egg with little milk to reach right consistency- perfect pastry.

9. A Christmas Tree- any kind, Christmas isn't the same without one. I prefer a real green one- but lots of funky pop up ones available now.

10. Friends and family. 

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