Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Your New Kitchen

Planning a new kitchen should be an enjoyable experience. We spend a lot of time in there, cooking, chatting, eating, partying - if it is the same size as mine, maybe not all at once!

Not everyone can have a massive open  plan kitchen. Sometimes that isn't what the family needs. Open plan apartments with the living/ dining/cooking space in one area can be incredibly noisy- especially if the washing machine is plumbed in there too.

All good designers will suggest drawing a plan first. Being practical at this stage will help the kitchen to function properly. Use the triangle theory, no cook wants be running miles between fridge, sink and cooker.

Radiators don't have to be boring , or is underfloor heating a possibility?

There are many different finishes and materials available for kitchen units, work surfaces and  floors.

Ask for samples, consider how practical they might be. Do you plan on putting hot pans direct on the work surface?  Do you want the work surface to become part of the sink or splashback? Darker surfaces show up crumbs more than light surfaces.

If you long for painted kitchen units make sure you can wipe them down without the paint coming off. If you are repainting your existing units take time to prepare the surfaces before painting.

Lighting is crucial. Spot lights in the ceiling might look great, but you will need some directional or task lighting when chopping and cooking. A dimmer switch can help create that party atmosphere.


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