Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Interiors UK - or not

I didn't go this year, sprained ankle from November meant I was unlikely to enjoy the day walking acres of halls, losing my way- not getting somewhere in time to enjoy the champagne bar or fresh sandwiches.( you need to get to those stands first)

If you are on twitter you can see what people have been really excited about at #interiorsuk

Thankfully over the last 25 years I have got to know a lot of people and their products/ ethos, so I see them and get samples/ books :)) I am also a sourcer, so I do hunt things out.

There is a revival with good solid UK furniture- not cheap Chinese imports so expect to pay a bit more.

Some  Meccano style colour lighting, colour flexes- punkish looking cushions.

Not everyone, dare I say anyone, does these shows now.

Ercol were there.

Ercol Furniture is a great UK solid wood furniture manufacturer.
Went on one of their inhouse courses on their business site in High Wycombe  over 20 years ago, was impressed then- impressed still.

Standing joke was where did all the dust from the sanding of furniture go. G-Plan was across the road. 

There is  quite a lot of this pattern around, in wallpaper and textiles.

I think I may have seen enough of it already, but appears to be a highlight.

And where some magazines have been going on for ages about zingy orange being "in" this year- I don't think so.

Grey/ clay/ yellow anyone?

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