Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Working with Trades

As soon as a client says their "interior designer" is on site the trades all yawn and think "yeah right".

The one thing I have learned working on site and on building sites over the last 20 years, is that I am confident and knowledgeable about what I know and do to earn some equal respect.

I know electrics, plumbing, decorating, payment systems, health and safety- enough to know to help questions re selections. I can wire a plug and choose a shower. But I can also tell if the distance, pipework and electrics will support that funky shower 50 metres away from water source.

I have built up some really very great relationships with trades over the years, in the South East and in Wirral.

So if need a project manager/ interior designer to work and plan your scheme, get someone who knows their stuff. It's wonderful helping to choose flooring and fabrics, but you need to know it is going to work and fit when it is actually installed.

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