Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Black and White- and shades of Grey

A very clean predominately white scheme, with the feature items highlighted in black.

The built in furniture blends with the walls, whilst the freestanding cupboard and couch are accentuated.

By painting the floor, wall and ceiling all in the same pure white shade- opens up the corridor like space, giving an airy feel.

Here the vastness of the space is anchored by the
low level darker items including the dark wood floor.

Instead of having a colour contrast feature item, the white chair is used.

With so much higly polished and reflective materials- the textured curtains add some softness.

A very dramatic, and highly personal bedroom.

Eclectic furniture, contrasting greens with grey,a mix of patterns.

This is a bedroom lovingly crafted with favourite furnishings- and not bought from a catalogue.

The polished wood floor here feels like a yellow brick road- leading you through the black and white rooms to a wealth of colour at the far end.

This is maybe not too dissimilar to the first image on this page, but the effect of the darker wood floor certainly focuses the eye.

The contrast woods on lamp and chairs adds warmth and  a more cosy feel where metal would not succeed.

This show bathroom again shows how the element of wood adds detail, contrast and warmth to a predominately black and white scheme.

There is a very balanced feel to the use of vertical and horizontal elements.

This bathroom via Posh Bathing 

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