Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Decorating by the Seaside

It is easy enough to create a Seaside look using pale  blues and sand colours - Romo Stratton range has some great co-ordinating colourways.

The really tricky thing is getting it right for actual living by the sea.

If you are lucky to own a property by the beach, you will know that underneath your floorboards there is also likely to be a mountain of sand.

Even on a relatively mild breezy day, the sand will blow through any open windows causing havoc.

Strong sun is also a design headache.  As much as you may have set your heart on that fine stripe wallpaper, you might have to consider reselecting  if it is not lightfast.  By that I mean, won't fade within a matter of weeks with direct sunlight. Also a very subtle design which looks perfect in the book under shop lighting conditions, will have its pattern all but disappear in bright sunlight once hung on your wall.

Using the correct paste to fix wallpaper to the walls is essential too. Many coastal homes retain moisture in the walls, and often a secondary paste is advisable rather than relying on a prepasted paper. Likewise check that your chosen paint colour won't discolour due to moisture in the walls.

Fabrics also can have a tendency to fade, particularly on the edges that close together- the "leading edge". Again check for colour fastness of the fabric. There are many options here, including also adding a voile or other type of blind.

Not all carpets or hard flooring react in the same way. Some will fade in direct sunlight, and others such as polypropylene carpets will keep their colour. Darker carpets will fade more noticeably than pale options.
Amtico is a little more lightfast than Karndene.

Compromises can be made to ensure pattern, colour and budget all meet your expectations. A good interior designer can assist here.

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