Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sexy Ceramics

For research purposes, of course, I have HAD to watch the scene in "Ghost" where actress Demi Moore is at a pottery wheel.  Ok, actor Patrick Swyaze is in that scene too.  She is trying to form a vase, he appears - then the whole thing falls apart. Yes, men are that much of a distraction, especially if a hot ghost is in this scene.

The wheel keeps turning, the lump of clay with two pairs of hands and a lot of water turns into something memorable...will leave that to your imagination.

Poetry in motion.  Pottery in Greek is also Ceramic. It's been around for thousands of years through Europe and Asia - really anywhere clay could be found.   And  for thousands of years people have used their imagination to turn this lump of clay into something valuable - well maybe not as valuable as love, but you get my drift.

Of course there are floor tiles, wall tiles, outside tiles, bathroom furniture. There are different ratings, different glazes, different
 organics added, different firing temperatures....that is another blog.

But you want this link  

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