Sunday, 27 April 2014

Radiating Heat

There are lots of sources of heat. Gas, electric, biofuel, coal, oil, open fuel logs. Another one that is gaining popularity is infra red.

While infra red is not a recent technology it has had a bit of a makeover in the design area. I- Radium have developed some exceptional products based around infra red technology and using real wood.

Here is the techy bit. "Convectional" heat from radiators and other sources heat the air.  If you consider the volume space of a room, little may be made up of the furnishings and people and more about that space we call air. Whereas "Radiating" heat which is infra red,  heats all the surfaces and not the air. Not only does it make it more energy efficient to operate, but you will feel an immediate sense of warmth

The mere fact conventional heating heats the air, also means that as soon as a draught arises, that heat is lost.

Walls, ceiling, furniture, people are all warmed through infra red. Think of it like having the sun shining on you on a cool day. You have that great feeling of immediate warmth.

The health benefits of infra red heat are also widely known. While everyone requires some heat to make them feel warm, fresh air is also desirable. This type of heat optimises the immune system and is very good for people with allergies as dust is not circulated in the air.

Back to design! The freestanding version is gorgeous! Wall mounted panels come in all shapes and sizes and basically look like works of art.

And remember the bit about just heating surface areas? Well these portable can be carried and positioned wherever you are, so no need heat vast amount of empty space.

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