Monday, 13 October 2014

Bologna Water Design , Tubes and Zucchetti

 A 16th century palace becomes the backdrop to a creative  experience that forms the Bologna Water Design Show. Entering the building in search of the Italian radiator company Tubes Radiatori felt rather like entering a theatre in the middle of a Shakespear play while all the Acts were happening at once, and having no idea what it was about, but wanting to stay.

In one room a short animated film was being shown to a captive audience of young children sitting in rows of Starck chairs.

Tubes Kangeri
 A pixar styled animated figure nodded its head against a watery coloured background, while the earth felt rain and a shadow pulled a shower curtain across. The only colour was a bright yellow rubber style duck.

There was something mesmerising about the sequence which led me to watch it a second time.

Then I realised this was a short promotional film to advertise a showerhead by the Italian company Zucchetti
Zucchetti Kos

While fresh mozzarella balls with cherry tomatoes, and stuffed fresh figs were served with the obligatory and delicious Prosecco in the architects room - Tubes radiators blended in with the half plastered walls and Hansgrohe Axor.

In other rooms water being used to create patterns was in evidence as well as designs for open pools such as found in many open spaces, or public water fountains as found in "Kiosk"


Tubes Scaletta

Ofcourse like many things that look simple on the surface, there is very likely some skilled and great creative forces involved, and this exhibition was a great example of just such an abundance of  talent.

While each room seemed impossible at first to reconcile with another, somehow the Acts all fell into a natural order and the overall experience of taking part in such a theatrical exhibition was well worth the extra glass or two of Prosecco.

Here is to great design, enjoy.

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