Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Posh Bathing

Posh Bathing is a bathroom specialist showroom unlike any other I have visited. Owner Gary Walmsley has created a fabulous resource boutique, with an impressive display of quality products by some of the leading European designers.

While some of the suppliers may sound familiar, there are are also some little known brands that are sure to be popular with private clients, interior designers, and architects.

 If you think that Gary has the usual array of sinks, taps and showers - think again!

There are steam showers, quality mineral cast basins, bespoke furniture, wall panels, designer radiators and funky taps.

On display are taps by Maier Griferias which have swarovski crystals, stylish radiators by K8 and Brem, furniture by Burgbad, steam showers, mirrors from Zierath. The list of suppliers is quite staggering.
 Gary is no stranger to the key European design shows and his interest in locating and forging relationships with innovative suppliers is key to the success of this showroom.

There are faux brick and stone wall panels, marble tiles with led lighting, mosaics, and much, much more - all beautifully arranged and complimented by a huge selection of basins and taps.
 One of the more exciting developments has been in his enthusiasm for designer radiators.

I was fortunate to be able to meet up with him in Italy this year where we visited Italian designer Brem. Quite simply their selection of both electric, and plumbed radiators are breathtaking.

Another supplier of note is Tubes Radiatori . The Scaletta shown here is available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

Zazzeri have a unique range of taps with interchangeable coloured heads and impressive eco credentials when it comes to saving water.

Furniture is supplied by Burgbad and Fiora to name but two. However there are bespoke pieces in multiple finishes with glass, wood or marble inserts.

This haven of inspiration is well worth a visit. Gary's eye for developing his product range is matched equally by his expertise in installation. A perfect blend of style and experience.

For opening hours or to book an appointment contact him here.

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  1. those are really great designs. I had lessons with a wife of an interior designer of italian by skype at http://preply.com/en/italian-by-skype so I somehow have a bit of knowlege. Yours is a great one.