Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Le Mur Finium

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It is exciting to see natural materials being used creatively in interior design. Le Mur Finium are a Canadian company that have brought eco friendly , decorative, prefinished hardwood panels now to the UK market.

There has been a great surge in demand for natural finished looking materials for wall surfaces. The rise of decorative stone and faux brick has become increasingly popular as consumers move away from more traditional wallcoverings
designer walls
Le Mur Finium are not a particularly young company, they have been going strong in the North American market since 1999. However this is their first foray into the UK through the helm of established wall supplier Designer Walls.

While the eco stats mount up nicely-  low value reclaimed wood, water base glues, ultraviolet light cured  - it is really the design possibilities that are endless.

With so many different woods and shades, their Friendly Wall is a  really is a versatile product.

It is lightweight and easy to install so requires no particular skill other than competent joiner. Check their Youtube

It is hard not to feel inspired.  In the home it can used to create a fabulous effect behind a bed, look smart in alcoves, be used on one wall for feature effect, or even on the ceiling in a loft conversion.

The commercial applications are many. Communal entrances, feature walls in reception areas. Used to surround an elevator shaft it makes a functional requirement into a design feature.

Instead of whitewashed walls or lacklustre wallpaper, a hardwood wall has something very appealing and tactile in a restaurant area adding warmth to an interior scheme. The panels are quite resistant to scratches so very good also to use as a decorative base in a bar area perhaps.

As shown in the example images here, the wood looks fabulous with clever lighting highlighting the textures and colour of the oiled wood panels.

There is no reason why a combination of materials can not be used. Woods, brick, steel, ceramics all work comfortably together.

To find out more about this highly versatile product contact the UK agent here 

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